December 21st Deaths

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December 21st, 2007 (December 21 2007)DeathKen Hendricks, American businessman (born in 1941)
December 21st, 2006 (December 21 2006)DeathScobie Breasley, Australian jockey (born in 1914)
December 21st, 2006 (December 21 2006)DeathSaparmurat Niyazov, President of Turkmenistan (born in 1940)
December 21st, 2005 (December 21 2005)DeathElrod Hendricks, American baseball player and coach (born in 1940)
December 21st, 2004 (December 21 2004)DeathAutar Singh Paintal, Indian medical scientist (born in 1925)
December 21st, 2003 (December 21 2003)DeathPrince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Spanish playboy and businessman (born in 1924)
December 21st, 2001 (December 21 2001)DeathDick Schaap, American sports journalist (born in 1934)
December 21st, 1998 (December 21 1998)DeathRoger Avon, Durham actor (born in 1914)
December 21st, 1998 (December 21 1998)DeathKarl Denver, Scottish singer (b 1931)
December 21st, 1998 (December 21 1998)DeathErnst Gunther Schenck, German doctor who joined the Sturmabteilung in 1933 {born in 1904)
December 21st, 1997 (December 21 1997)DeathAmie Comeaux, American country music singer (born in 1976)
December 21st, 1992 (December 21 1992)DeathAlbert King, American blues musician (born in 1924)
December 21st, 1992 (December 21 1992)DeathNathan Milstein, Ukrainian violinist (born in 1903)
December 21st, 1990 (December 21 1990)DeathClarence "Kelly" Johnson, American aeronautical engineer (Lockheed Skunk Works; born in 1910)
December 21st, 1988 (December 21 1988)DeathNikolaas Tinbergen, Dutch ornithologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1907)
December 21st, 1987 (December 21 1987)DeathJohn Spence, founding No Doubt member (born in 1969)
December 21st, 1983 (December 21 1983)DeathPaul de Man, Belgian-born literary critic (born in 1919)
December 21st, 1981 (December 21 1981)DeathAllan Dwan, Canadian-born American director and screenwriter (born in 1885)
December 21st, 1974 (December 21 1974)DeathJames Henry Govier, British artist (born in 1910)Henry James Quotes
December 21st, 1974 (December 21 1974)DeathRichard Long, American actor (born in 1927)
December 21st, 1972 (December 21 1972)DeathThomas the Apostle
December 21st, 1967 (December 21 1967)DeathStuart Erwin, American actor (born in 1903)
December 21st, 1965 (December 21 1965)DeathClaude Champagne, Quebec composer (born in 1891)
December 21st, 1964 (December 21 1964)DeathCarl Van Vechten, American writer and photographer (born in 1880)
December 21st, 1959 (December 21 1959)DeathRosanjin, Japanese calligrapher, restaurateur and ceramicist (born in 1883)
December 21st, 1958 (December 21 1958)DeathLion Feuchtwanger, German writer (born in 1884)An Wang Quotes
December 21st, 1957 (December 21 1957)DeathEric Coates, English composer (born in 1886)
December 21st, 1945 (December 21 1945)DeathGeorge S. Patton, U.S. general (born in 1885)George S. Patton Quotes
December 21st, 1940 (December 21 1940)DeathF. Scott Fitzgerald, American writer (born in 1896)F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes
December 21st, 1937 (December 21 1937)DeathFrank B. Kellogg, United States Secretary of State, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born in 1856)
December 21st, 1935 (December 21 1935)DeathKurt Tucholsky, German journalist and satirist (born in 1890)
December 21st, 1933 (December 21 1933)DeathKnud Johan Victor Rasmussen, Greenlandic polar explorer and anthropologist (born in 1879)
December 21st, 1900 (December 21 1900)DeathRoger Wolcott, American political figure, 39th Governor of Massachusetts (born in 1847)
December 21st, 1889 (December 21 1889)DeathFriedrich August von Quenstedt, German geologist (born in 1809)
December 21st, 1873 (December 21 1873)DeathFrancis Garnier, French explorer (born in 1839)
December 21st, 1824 (December 21 1824)DeathJames Parkinson, English physician, geologist, paleontologist, and political activist (born in 1755)
December 21st, 1807 (December 21 1807)DeathJohn Newton, English cleric and hymnist (born in 1725)John Newton Quotes
December 21st, 1597 (December 21 1597)DeathPetrus Canisius, Dutch Jesuit (born in 1521)
December 21st, 1579 (December 21 1579)DeathVicente Masip, Spanish painter
December 21st, 1549 (December 21 1549)DeathMarguerite of Navarre, wife of Henry II of Navarre (born in 1492)
December 21st, 1504 (December 21 1504)DeathBertold von Henneberg-Romhild, German archbishop and elector (born in 1442)
December 21st, 1375 (December 21 1375)DeathGiovanni Boccaccio, Italian writer (born in 1313)Giovanni Boccaccio Quotes
December 21st, 1308 (December 21 1308)DeathHenry I of Hesse (born in 1244)
December 21st, 1295 (December 21 1295)DeathMarguerite Berenger of Provence, wife of Louis IX of France (bc. 1221) Louis IX of France Quotes

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